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Zyft brings deal-seeking technology to Australian shoppers

Zyft is set to become the most trusted and go-to resource for millions of Australian shoppers looking to save money and time shopping online. In 2022 it was estimated that Australian Online Shoppers spent around $47 Billion, up 8% from the previous year.

Right now, online product search is dominated by Amazon and Google and this dominance clouds the breadth and depth of sellers and price competition from the majority of Australian consumers. Online shoppers are often presented with results from the highest paid bidders when searching and left oblivious to the wider choices and lower prices offered in the broader market.

By downloading and installing Zyft you can supercharge your shopping experience.

Zyft was designed to make shopping and saving so much easier. As part of our ongoing efforts to help users save in more ways, we’re delivering a seamless solution for your shopping needs. We believe that using the Zyft extension when you search for products on your mobile, tablet or desktop will fundamentally and dramatically change the way you shop online and save.

Product search is broken

We all know that product search is basically dominated by Google and Amazon who present sponsored advertising first and foremost. This results in poor user experience and often limited buying choices and higher prices presented to consumers.

We’ve built a better way

With Zyft there’s no more surfing from site-to-site hunting for a great deal, lower prices, or an in-stock item. Zyft does it all while you shop seamlessly. The smart AI technology behind Zyft seeks out product data from over 46,000 Australian Retailers and over 1 million products. We even look for similar products and scan for in-stock items, giving you price history and putting you in control like never before.

Our team

Zyft is the brainchild of Damien Waller, co-founder of iSelect, which created and revolutionized the comparison shopping industry in the Australian market in 2000 and beyond. The team who has created Zyft and continue to develop the technology represents some of the smartest minds in AI, Machine Learning, User Experience and Marketing in Australia. Zyft is a private, wholly Australian owned company and is based in Elsternwick, Victoria.

Media contact

For further information, please contact Roger McBride: Roger@zyft.com Tel: 0466 999 281