Sites we like

At Zyft we love spending hours researching new and better ways to save money and time. It’s what we do in our spare time. We constantly stumble upon cool and innovate websites. So, we started to make a list of our favourite sites, see below.

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Team Zyft

Earn points on your business payments empowers businesses to be rewarded on nearly every business expense through an all-in-one seamless payments platform. You can earn points that can be redeemed for airline travel and upgrades, accommodation, goods and services and much more, simply by linking your business account.

Become a grand master in collecting Reward Points

Point Hacks helps you earn the most points possible and to use them in the most effective way for your travel goals.

  • Find the best deals to earn more points – from banks, retailers, airlines, hotels and their loyalty program partners
  • Working with partners to develop bespoke points offers, where possible
  • Highlighting the best ways to use your rewards points for maximum value and to meet your travel goals
  • Looking out for non-rewards products, deals and offers that help your travel budget go much further

Aged Care support and services made easy

As we or our loved ones grow older, we all need a little extra help. CareAbout are the experts in aged care and assisted living solutions. They help you understand how different Government subsidies work and importantly, how to access the support you or a loved one needs. A CareAbout expert can help you find trusted providers and a quality Home Care or Nursing Home option that meets your family’s needs and budget.